NCI-CDMG Monthly Conference Call

NCI-CDMG monthly conference calls for the second Friday of each month at 3:00pm EST/EDT.
You will only need to dial the toll free number (1-877-668-4490)  and enter the access code/attendee ID (682 824 415) to join the call, as we do not have any presentation slides to distribute at this time. If there are items being viewed online during the call, you will need to go to and enter the access code/attendee ID (682 824 415). 
You may be prompted to install WebEX on your computer, so please do this ahead of time. 

  1. 1st MCL SC Meeting in SF bay area
    1. Dates
    2. Venue
  2. Recurring teleconferences: MCL SC and MCL WGs (frequency and time of calls)
    1. Create listserv aliases for each of above groups and post on secure website domain for general use by MCL members
  3. MCL Informatics
    1. website development update (public/secure domains) and CDMG-JPL IC collaboration;
    2. CDE development – formation of committee of MCL Lab representatives together with CDMG to identify specimen and data collection attributes lacking CDEs
  4. Other business


We will also distribute any materials that are presented after the call.