Access and Permissions for LabCAS Data

Obtaining access to secure data and data security.

Access LabCAS

  • Use your MCL portal account to access the data that you have permission to view in LabCAS. Login
  • The data listed on the LabCAS data tab reflects the data that is in MCL LabCAS. Simply click on one of the collection titles to access that data in LabCAS. You will need to login to LabCAS (using your MCL portal account).

Request Access to Specific Data 

  • Contact the MCL Informatics Center to request permissions to data collections. The request will be reviewed with the data collection principal investigator.

LabCAS Security

LabCAS provides a comprehensive security infrastructure including both authentication and authorization. Security services are managed using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).  LDAP manages both users and groups, supports both authentication of users, and mapping of users to groups.    Data is annotated into this scheme using a multi-level security architecture.  This enables data to be mapped to users who have different roles including data producers, data stewards, and data users whose privileges will be granted and enforced by the system.  The data producers can identify which data users can access the data.  Data stewards can support annotation and capture of the data.  This allows data to be shared with a different investigator or set of investigators.  Data stewards can work with the data coordinating center to help appropriately annotate the data for these scenarios.   Data is transferred to LabCAS using full 128-bit encryption.