File Naming Conventions

Naming conventions for clinical data and metadata files being submitted for upload into LabCAS

 File naming conventions should be used for all clinical, biospecimen and associated metadata files. DO NOT rename actual data files such as FASTQ, SVS, etc..


<Study ID>_<Site ID>_<Content Type>_<File Submission Date>_<Version>_<Date Upload Type>







File naming elements:

  • Study ID = identifier provided by CDMG to uniquely identify the MCL study. List of study IDs may be found on the MCL portal.
  • SiteID = identifier provided by CDMG to uniquely identify an MCL research team from which the participant was recruited. List of Site IDs may be found on the MCL portal.
  • Content Type = type of data captured in the submitting file, e.g. ClinicalCore, Biospecimen, PathologyImages, GenomicsSequencing, SOP_SOP name, Document. All permissible values listed in the LabCAS Metadata Dictionary.
  • File Submission Date = date the file is submitted to LabCAS for capture in the archive, formatted as YYYYMMDD.
  • Version = the version of the file submitted, with 0 being the first submission. Files submitted more than once should increment version.
  • Data Upload Type =“DATA” for the data file or “META” for the metadata file.