MCL Common Data Elements

Common Data Elements (CDEs) are standardized terms for the collection and exchange of data. For further information, please click here to see the NCI CBIIT CDE description page.


MCL Biospecimen CDEs

MCL Biospecimen CDEs (DRAFT) 4/6/2018

The CDE team has developed a first draft of biospecimen CDEs.
It is critical that these data standards meet your needs.  Please review the attached spreadsheet and give us feedback.
There are roughly 75 CDEs.  The left side of the spreadsheet will be most relevant for you.



MCL Core CDEs (DRAFT) 4/27/2017

The Core CDEs contain information that all MCL studies should use. Examples of core CDEs are questions on patient demographics, family and medical history, previous cancers, smoking and alcohol use.


Organ and Working Group CDEs

Each working and organ group has a specific set of CDEs. For example, the genomics CDEs will contain questions on sequencing experiments, sample characteristics, library and platform details.  The prostate CDEs will contain questions on Gleason scores, AJCC staging, and PSA test results. 

The table below contains information about CDEs for all the MCL core, organ and working groups.
You must collect all the CDES for each relevant group.


CDE Group
PI Contact
Informatics Contact
Draft CDEs
Core   Kristen Anton MCL Core CDEs (DRAFT)4/27/2017
Working Groups
Genomics Janet Stein/Avi Spira Maureen Colbert MCL Core Genomics (DRAFT)5/19/2017
Imaging Deni Aberle Heather Kincaid

MCL Lung Imaging Atlas (DRAFT) 9/27/2017

MCL Core Imaging (DRAFT) -In Progress

Pathology Sandy Borowsky Kristen Anton  In Progress
Breast   Kristen Anton  MCL Core Breast (DRAFT)5/19/2017
Lung Pierre Massion Heather Kincaid  MCL Core Lung (DRAFT)5/19/2017
Pancreas Anirban Maitra Heather Kincaid  In Progress
Prostate Angelo DeMarzo/Jim Brooks Maureen Colbert  MCL Core Prostate (DRAFT)5/19/2017
Biospecimens   Kristen Anton MCL Core Biospecimens (DRAFT)5/19/2017
Catalog and Archive System
LabCAS    Heather Kincaid

MCL Core LabCAS Metadata CDEs (DRAFT) 6/1/2017

MCL LabCAS Data Upload Instructions


To get started using the MCL CDEs:

  1. Download the MCL Core spreadsheet. 
  2. Download the appropriate working group spreadsheet(s)
  3. Download the appropriate organ spreadsheet(s). 
You must collect all the MCL CDEs related to any of the data you are collecting.

Note: You will need more than one spreadsheet to create all CDEs for your study. For example, if you are collecting genomic data from breast cancer studies, you will need the Core, Breast, and Genomics CDE spreadsheeets. You can also include any additional data that is specific to your site, study,  or institution.

If you need help downloading the spreadsheets, deciding which CDEs to use, or any other CDE related help, please contact any of the Informatics CDE Contacts listed in the table above.