Working Groups

Committees and other expert groups appointed to study and report on a particular areas and make recommendations to MCL based on findings.

Data, Informatics and Resource Sharing Subcommittee
The objective of the Data, Informatics and Resource Sharing Subcommittee is to establish the rationale and conditions for sharing technology, data and other resources among investigators within and external to the MCL Consortium. Other objectives of the Subcommittee are to establish guidelines for the MCL data structure and common data elements, and to provide a forum for biostatisticians/analysts within MCL to collaborate on research pertinent to MCL.In addition to MCL PIs, members of the CDMG, and staff from CBIIT and the Informatics Center at JPL will participate on this subcommittee.

Genomics and Genotyping Working Group
The objective of the MCL Genomics Working Group is to address issues that impact on the sharing and integration of genomics data across the MCL consortium (and to outside interests). Each MCL site should designate two members for the Genomics Working Group, however, any Consortium member and NCI staff with interest in the genomics area is welcome to join.

Imaging Working Group
The objectives of the Imaging Working Group are the following: reduce variance in image acquisition and reconstruction across the consortium; establish a mechanism for scrubbing and uploading image data files to a common (or federated) archive; develop guidelines for annotating and curating images; establish common data elementsIn addition to the MCL imaging investigators, members from the CDMG, staff from NCI Program and CBIIT, and the Informatics Center at JPL, as well as invited investigators external to the MCL Consortium may participate in this working group. The composition of the group should reflect projects that have core imaging components as part of their objectives, as well as projects in which imaging may become an important element.

Methodology Working Group
The MCL Methodology Working group is focused on the development of new biostatistical and bioinformatics approaches relevant to evaluating the conduct of studies to identify biomarkers relevant to screen detected cancers and to establishing the reliability and interpretation of such findings. The MCL methodology group works with the steering committee of the MCL and with its PIs to establish key areas of interest. Operationally, the MCL methodology working group will focus on specific key questions relevant to the conduct of studies relevant to MCL.

Pathology and Antibodies Working Group
The overarching objective of the Pathology Working Group is to prospectively classify screen- detected cancers at biopsy which are non-lethal. Recognizing that this is likely to involve combined data from genomics and immunology assays, the MCL Pathology WG aims to bring consistency to methodology and analysis criteria to compare and integrate data among MCL laboratories.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee (SC) has the responsibility for the scientific management and oversight of all Consortium activities. This includes research prioritization, research community outreach, information flow optimization and facilitation of resource development and sharing. Details on the structure of the joint activities/responsibilities of the SC are provided in Section VI. 2. Cooperative Agreement Terms and Conditions (RFA-CA-14-010 and RFA-CA-14-011).According to the requirements of the Cooperative Agreement, the SC meets as necessary to conduct the business of the MCL, typically, once a month via teleconference. Additionally, there are two face-to-face SC business meetings per year that MCL members are expected to attend; additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. The time and site for these meetings are determined by SC members. Principal Investigator(s) from each Cooperative Agreement are required to attend at least one in-person SC meeting each year. However, there should be at least one qualified representative (the PI, Multi-PI or Co-Investigator) from each Cooperative Agreement at every SC meeting. The minutes of the SC meetings are prepared by the CDMG and distributed to the members of the SC for approval at the next SC meeting.The qualified representatives (one per U01) and the NCI Program Coordinators will serve as voting members of the Steering Committee.