Methodology Working Group

The MCL Methodology Working group is focused on the development of new biostatistical and bioinformatics approaches relevant to evaluating the conduct of studies to identify biomarkers relevant to screen detected cancers and to establishing the reliability and interpretation of such findings. The MCL methodology group works with the steering committee of the MCL and with its PIs to establish key areas of interest. Operationally, the MCL methodology working group will focus on specific key questions relevant to the conduct of studies relevant to MCL.

Methodology Working Group Members

Chris Amos - Chair Christos Patriotis - DCP Liaison
Yu Shen - Co-Chair Matt Schabath
Eugene Demidenko Yiwey Shieh
Julie Dragon Yu Shyr
Fenghai Duan Tor Tosteson
Ziding Feng Bruce Trock
Elana Fertig Pam Vacek
Ron Johnson - DCB Liaison Sarah Wheelan
Luigi Marchionni  


Meetings & Telecons (calls are held on the third Thursday of each month at 4pm EDT)